CC Interior Design, also known as Saqqara Design, has been working in the industry since the early '90's. Listed below is a sample of some of the clients that we have had the opportunity to work with.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Chan

Residences — San Marino, CA


Mrs. William Davila

Residence — Arcadia, CA


Dr. and Mrs. Mike Ewert

Residence — Crestline, CA


Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gay

Residence and Boat — Lanexa, VA


Dr. and Mrs Standiford Helm

Residence — San Clemente

(Photo- Home Page)


Dr. Standiford Helm

The Helm Center for Health & Wellness— Laguna Woods


Ms. Beth Lucas

Residence — Lake Arrowhead. CA

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Kondrack

Running Springs, CA and Omaha, Ne


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krumwiede

Winery — Crestline, CA


Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miser

Residence — Duarte, CA


Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith

Residence — Norco, CA


Mr. and Mrs. Dean Swank

Spec Home —
Lake Arrowhead, CA


Mr. Gerry Whitt

Residence —
La Cańada, CA


Dr. Kent Wilson

Residence and Dental Office

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